24 Day Certified Nail Technologist Course + 4D Art



Kavita has capsuled her 18 years experience in this course covering topics like Nail Anatomy, Client consulation, all Nail extension techniques, Nail Diseases, Do’s and Dont’s including traditional and Advanced Nail Art. Every probable and potential teachings on the Nail subject is covered in the Curriculum. This Course Covers the Traditional systems to keep you informed of all the previous Nail Systems but the emphasis is on the absolutely Brand new and advanced systems which is Tick Tock Acrylic Syestem & Builder In Bottle Gel System.


PRICE: Rs. 65,000


Course Inclusions

Nail Anatomy






Extension Procedure 

A. Nail Plate Prep  

B. Tip Application  

C. Product Application



Acrylic System

Basic & Advanced


Gel System

Basic & Advanced


Overlays with Acrylic and Gel System


Removal of Acrylic and Gel System

Nail Art

4D Acrylic Nail Art


Nubar educator will introduce students with simple skills and techniques to create the most beautiful designs. This course will also educate you to make 3D Acrylic Designs.



  • Procedure Manual will be Provided
  • Practical & Theory Exams will be Conducted after completing the course.
  • Examination Fees & Certificate fee (Rs. 1500) Included in course fees.
  • In case of additional attempt Rs. 500 Exam Fees is payable
  • A model will be required for training purposes from day 2 or 3 onwards.
  • Exams will be conducted after a week home practice.

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