28 Days Certified Nail Technologist Trainer Course

This course aims in creating a Nail Guru (which is the need of the hour) who can create able nail technicians, imparting knowledge and education of Nails through structured education to aspiring Nail technicians.

Duration: 28 Days Course
Pricing: Rs. 85,000/-

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About This Course

This is a dedicated Nail Technician Trainer Course also known as TTT or Train The Trainer. Here, we develop aspiring candidates to perfect all the existing nail techniques prevailing in the International market and develop a flair for creating more students ahead. The overall objective of this course is to prepare trainers to deliver nail courses through presentation skills. The trainer is thoroughly imparted with the curriculum knowledge of various International Nail courses. As a trainer, one can make a career in an academy or start their own academy.


What You Will Learn: 

  • Nail Anatomy
  • Step by step curriculum of all nail courses
  • Presentation skills
  • Natural Gel and Acrylic Nail extensions
  • French Gel and Acrylic extensions
  • Acnu Gel Nail extensions
  • Glitter Nail extensions in all the above mentioned
  • Gelicure applications / Removal
  • Traditional Nail Art
  • Advanced 3D Nail Art
  • Gel and Extensions – Refills and Removals
  • Acnu Gel – Refills / Removals
  • Advanced Reverse French
  • 2 Coloured Tips with Glitter
  • How to conduct theory and practical exams
  • Mock Demo


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