The New Technology BIB & Tick Tock Course with 2D + 3D Nail Art

The 14 Day Course in BIB & Tick Tock is a game changing course for Nail technicians. The sessions introduce you to build bold and beautiful nails with Orly’s Builder in Bottle. Alongside you also get to learn about Tick Tock – world’s fastest nail acrylic system. Add to this the skill set of 2D + 3D Nail art that gives you all the superpowers of a cool Nail Technician.

Duration: 14 Days Course
Pricing: Rs. 45,000/-

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About This Course

In this course Nail Lash Artistry provides you with the finest level of learning in Nail Art Techniques like Builder in Bottle (BIB), Tick Tock – World’s fastest nail extension system plus 2D and 3D Nail Art. 

BIB – Builder in Bottle is a revolutionary product that lets you give bold and beautiful nails to your clients. The products require well trained nail technicians to build sculpted nails. This course gives you an opportunity to learn how to use the product from people who’ve mastered it. 

Tick Tock – Learn how to give brilliant long lasting nail extensions in just 30 minutes. This new game changing product is fast becoming the most popular and wanted nail extension system across India. An intensive session on Tick Tock helps you join the exclusive club who know how to use this product with absolute confidence and finesse. Once done, you will be able to give nail extensions without tips, buffing and use of UV lamps. Basically, it’s a damage-free way of giving nail extensions. 

Top it all with learning basics to advanced  2D & 3D Nail Art that help you create the most beautiful designs. This course will also educate you to make 3D Acrylic Designs.

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