The 5 Day Nail Art 2D+3D+4D Course

This effective and educative 5 Day Course in Nail Art with a NLA educator is designed to help students understand and learn basic to advanced Nail Art skills and techniques. An excellent choice if you’re considering a creative career in nails.

Duration: 5 Days Course
Pricing: Rs. 15,000/-

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About This Course

If you are determined to turn your passion into a full time career, then the 5 Day Nail Art 2D+3D+4D Course is apt for you. The course gives you a deep insight into the creative process of creating vivid and life-like art / designs on nails as a canvas. The 5 day rendezvous with our Nail experts takes you through all the lessons that covers from basic to professional. Get to understand basic skills, professional products and techniques. You also get to work on LIVE models too. 

Scope: Once done, you can easily join a nail salon as a nail art professional or then start freelancing on your own. Perfect for students, Mehendi artists, Salon professionals. 

The international syllabus designed by Kavita Bhatija helps you broaden your knowledge about the beauty industry. You are trained as a confident individual. The training teaches you every important aspect of your course with maximum practical sessions. Constant practice and maximum exposure to live work instill a lot of confidence in individuals. The training prepares you for real-life work as well as it helps you build an impressive portfolio even when you are in a training period. 

  • 2D + 3D + 4D Flat Nail Art
  •  Acrylic Nail Art

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