The Advance Certified Nail Technologist Course with 4D Nail Art

The 26 Days Advance Certified Nail Technologist Course with 4D is an upgraded version of the 24 Day course that has been exclusively developed understanding industry demands and leaves no stone unturned with all there is to learn.

This career-oriented Professional Nail Technician course is applicable for complete freshers, practicing salon professionals and people who wish to upgrade their skills and start nail services too. This course comes with a 100% job guarantee!

This effective and educative 26 Day Course in Nail Art with our NLA educator will introduce you to skills and techniques to create the beautiful designs in 4D nail art. An excellent choice to start a creative career in nails or to take your hobby to the next level.

Duration: 26 Days Course
Pricing: Rs. 65,000/-

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About This Course

The demand for nail technicians is 3x more than other beauty professionals across the globe, including India. And it’s just going to grow. Needless to mention, the future in choosing nails as a career is a lot more prospective and lucrative. 

We, at Nail Lash Artistry, have developed a comprehensive and extensive curriculum in association with leading brands in Nails such as ORLY, iBi, Nubar, etc. Which makes our courses industry relevant and as per today’s trends and styles. 

Simply put, this course is a runway to launch you into orbit and open up a Horizon of careers in the Nail industry from a Nail Technician to a National Nail trainer. It’s a one to one personalized training course conducted by the most Senior Nail Lounge Trainer. This intense training course is designed by Nail Guru Kavita Bathija which covers A-Z in Nail education. 


Kavita has capsuled her 18 years experience in this course covering topics like Nail Anatomy, Client Consultation, all Nail extension techniques, Nail Diseases, Do’s and Don’ts including traditional and Advanced Nail Art. Every probable and potential teachings on the Nail subject is covered in the Curriculum. This Course Covers the Traditional systems to keep you informed of all the previous Nail Systems but the emphasis is on the absolutely Brand new and advanced systems which is Tick Tock Acrylic System & Builder In Bottle Gel System.

NLA trains you in the latest nail trends, techniques, skills and designs. After the completion of Nail Technologist Course, you will have a clear understanding of the processes and techniques on a professional level.  

  • Nail Anatomy
  • Extension Procedure 
  1. Nail Plate Prep   
  2. Tip Application   
  3. Product Application
  • Acrylic System – Basic & Advanced
  • Gel System – Basic & Advanced
    • Overlays with Acrylic & Gel system
  • Removals of Acrylic & Gel system
  • Nail Art with 2D & 3D
  • Tick Tock + BIB – Fastest nail extension, no glue, no tips, no need of buffing, no UV

In this course, NLA will show you how to create 4D nails, step-by-step. Working with 4D Nails is not easy, you need to know how to use it to your advantage. There are several techniques that can help you with this, which we’ll explore in this course!

The 26 Days Advance Certified Nail Technologist Course + 4D comes with a industry accepted certification and with 100% Job guarantee.

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